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Canon CX-1 - Digital Retinal Camera

The CX-1 is a Mydriatic Retinal Camera that can be changed into a Non-Mydriatic camera by a simple push of a button

Besides color photography, the CX-1 can perform FLUO, Red Free, Cobalt and standard even FAF photography.

  • RGB channels
  • Unrivalled Image quality
  • Easy Operation
  • Panning and tilting
  • Automatically optimized flash range

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All photography modes can be performed in either the MYD or NON MYD mode. This provides exceptional versatility and enables diagnosis, screening and monitoring of all major eye diseases.

Non Mydriatic Mode

The Non-Mydriatic mode is essential for non dilatable patients such as glaucoma suspects. Children and photosensitive patients will also benefit from the non invasive IRED observation light. In NM mode the observation is done on the observation screen of the digital camera and while using invisibIe IR observation light. The imaging angle in this mode is 45 degrees (or 67.5 degrees in central angle of view annotation).

Color, Red-free, Cobalt, Fundus Autofluorescence (FAF) and even Fluorescein Angiography can be performed in this mode.

Mydriatic Mode

In this more traditional operation, the observation is done with viewfinder, while using visible observation light. It will provide a clear view of the retina in color The imaging angle in this mode is 50 degrees (or 75 degrees, central angle of view).



Use the mosaic function in the RX software to create one high resolution wide field image (up to 85 degrees). Up to 20 individual images can be combined.

RGB channels

In addition to the optical filters of the CX-1 , the RX software offers also the possibility of a RGB channel filter. The Red channel can be helpful for the visualization of pigmentary disturbances, choroidal ruptures, nevi and malignant melanomas can contribute to the early detection of retinal changes.