About Sense Medical - Kowa Ophthalmic Products UK & Ireland Distributor

Sense Medical is an approved NHS Supply Chain framework provider for Ophthalmology equipment in the UK. We also actively promote our products to the high street Optometrist.

Our Company Values:

  1. The company operates its daily business activities around the core principles - Honesty, transparency, reliability and respect.
  2. A dynamic team dedicated to ophthalmology, who value the gift of sight; it is what makes Sense Medical - the first sense of the five main human senses.
  3. The company puts the customer first - we are truly a customer centric organisation.
  4. We value our employees and constantly look at ways to improve communications, create a fun, enjoyable and fast-paced working environment in order to serve our customers promptly. We like to think our "service is world class", we take pride and value the Japanese way of thinking and truly understand why Japanese manufacturing makes the difference in quality.
  5. We are proud partners of Kowa Group, a global enterprise with Japan base Kowa Company Ltd. which has 120 years history, since its foundation in 1894. The company engages in various business fields including trading of textiles, machinery, sales of medicines in addition to Ophthalmic Diagnostic products, that's what makes KOWA, a unique ophthalmic imaging and diagnostic Japanese manufacturer.