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Kowa KT-800 Non-contact tonometer with 3D auto alignment

Desktop tonometer

The KT-800 is Kowa’s non-contact tonometer with 3D auto alignment. The KT-800 provides the technician with an accurate, efficient and easy to use tonometer that is incredibly comfortable for their patients.

  • Easy operation
  • 3D auto alignment and eye tracking
  • Accurate measurement
  • Soft air puff
  • Quick, simple paper replacement
  • Connectivity to third party
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Ergonomic design
  • 1-60mmHg without switching

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Accurate & easy to operate

The KT-800 is an accurate and easy to use non-contact tonometer. Auto alignment simply requires placing the positioning spot inside a circle on the monitor after which 3D alignment is automatically carried out by the tonometer. The instrument will only detect and measure when the patient’s eye is sufficiently open for a reading in order to carry out measurements in a comfortable and time efficient manner.

Increased patient comfort

The KT-800 has been specially designed with the patient and user in mind. The tonometer chin rest can be easily adjusted and allows visual contact with the patient throughout the measuring process. The gentle air puff feels incredibly “soft” to the patient. The pressure measurement range covers pressures of 1 to 60mmHg without any switching and the results are swiftly printed on paper or transferred to your Electronic Health Records.*

*Please contact Sense Medical for further information.


Range of measurements 0 - 60mmHg. (no range switching)
Measurement Unit 1mmHg
Distance measurement 11mm
Monitor 5.6 inch colour TFT
Printer 58mm width, thermal line printer
Frame moving range Back and forth 40mm, left/right 86mm
Head moving range Up/down 28mm
Auto alignment moving range Up/down ± 3mm, left/right ± 3mm, back and forth ± 2mm
Power supply

Input : AC100V - AC230V 50/60 Hz

Power consumption : 60VA (normal)/ 110 VA (maximum)
Dimensions 274 (W) x 457 (D) x 458 (H) mm
Weight 18kg