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Kowa nonmyd WX3D Stereo Fundus Camera (World's First) - Your Trusted Partner for Virtual Glaucoma Management

The nonmyd WX3D is a versatile retinal camera offering both 2D and superior stereo 3D images whilst maintaining Kowa’s values of high quality imaging and ease of use.

  • Simultaneous stereoscopic 3D images
  • ONH and macula imaging in one click
  • Small pupil mode
  • 9 point internal fixation for auto mosaic
  • 3D binocular view of the optic cup & disc
  • Confidently diagnose glaucoma patients
  • Fast identification of disease progression with Kowa VK-2 WX3D analysis software
  • Approved for digital photography use in Diabetic Eye Screening by the NHS Diabetic Eye Screening Programme

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High quality retinal imaging

An advanced retinal camera that provides both standard 2D and stereo 3D images whilst maintaining the Kowa traditions of high quality and ease of use. The exclusive optical design combined with the high resolution Nikon® digital camera back.

Incredibly detailed stereoscopic 3D images delivered through the 3D mode will help you diagnose your patients. The nonmyd WX3D allows images of the ONH and macula to be viewed in 3D, providing superior stereo images to support diagnosis of sight threatening conditions such as glaucoma.

In 2D mode the camera operates like a standard 45° non-mydriatic retinal camera. The small pupil option enables photography with a pupil size below ø3.5mm. Mosaic photography is a further option using the 9-point fixation mode.

Easy operation

Easy, single handed operation with a minimal amount of buttons allowing for quick and easy selection.

With just one click you are able to change the photography mode –3D, 2D or SP.

Diabetic screening approval

Approved for digital photography use in Diabetic Eye Screening by the NHS Diabetic Eye Screening Programme in the UK.


Capture and viewing digital imaging software

Kowa's VK-2 WX3D analysis software allows you to examine the optic nerve quickly, easily and in far more detail than is possible from a standard 2-dimensional image. This simple to use system provides a detailed quantitative display of optic disc parameters, including the vertical cup to disc ratio, neuro-retinal rim area and rim to disc area along with many others. Providing an incredibly detailed 3D binocular view together with the comprehensive analysis system and report enables you to make an informed diagnosis for your patient.


Photography Modes Normal/SP/Stereo (electronically switched) Camera  Specific Nikon digital SLR camera
Stereoscopic photography method Simultaneous stereo photography Monitor 5.7 inch LCD monitor
Stereoscopic photography parallax 7.4° (at the diopter eye) Internal Fixation Target  Central, Disc, Macula, mosaic 9 positions
Field angle 

Normal: 45°

SP: 45° *

Stereo: 34° (20° x 27°)

*Some eyes may cause flare around their circumference

External Fixation Target Red Light (option)
Working distance 30mm Optical head base adjustment range

Forward/backward: 40mm

Leftward/rightward: 98mm

Vertical (electric): 27mm
Minimum pupil size

Normal mode: Ø4.0mm

SP mode: Ø3.5mm

Stereo mode: Ø4.0mm
Chin rest adjustment range 55mm (electric)
Compensation range of examined eye

Without compensation: -12D ~+13D

-compensation: -32D ~ -10D

+compensation: +10D ~ 
Interface USB
Focusing Split luminous bars coincidence Power supply

Input: AC 100V – AC240V  50/60Hz

Power consumption:

200VA (normal)/250VA (maximum
Working distance adjustment 2 luminous dots indication type  Dimensions  310 (W) X 504 (D) X 548 (H)mm