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Kowa VK-2 WX3D Analysis Software - Complete Glaucoma Management

The VK-2 WX from Kowa is a sophisticated software analysis tool for use with stereo images from the nonmyd WX3D camera.

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Kowa’s WX3D Analysis software “VK-2 WX” allows you to examine the optic nerve images acquired with the nonmyd WX3D quickly, easily and in far more detail than is possible from a standard 2-dimensional image. This simple to use system provides a detailed quantitative display of optic disc parameters, including the vertical cup to disc ratio, neuro-retinal rim area and rim to disc area along with many others to support glaucoma diagnosis. Providing an incredibly detailed stereoscopic binocular view together with the comprehensive analysis system and report enables you to make an informed diagnosis for your patient.


System requirements

CPU Celeron 2.0GHz or higher 
Memory 1 GB or higher
Monitor resolution  SXGA or higher
OS Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows 7®, Windows 8®, Windows 10®