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Kowa AP-7000 Field Analyser

Goldmann visual field analyser for both static and kinetic perimetry - Structure & function on fundus and OCT image.

GHT (Glaucoma Hemifield Test), VFI (Visual Field Index), Threshold (24-2, 30-2, 10-2, Macula) Measurements, DVLA esterman eye test.

The AP-7000 is Kowa’s next generation perimeter with the gold standard threshold test providing reliable and consistent assessment results of your patient’s visual field. 

  • Intuitive operation
  • Extensive range of test & screening strategies
  • Quick modes for threshold & screening programmes
  • Automated correlation of static visual field on fundus image
  • Easy touch screen operation
  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • Supports early detection of glaucoma
  • Network ability for efficient workflow

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Consistent & reliable assessments

Due to Kowa’s extensive normative database which considers both the central field and the periphery, you can be assured of consistent, accurate assessments.

Full threshold modes offer macular, central and peripheral coverage up to 80°, whilst screening modes provide swift evaluation of the visual field. To shorten test times, quick modes are available for both threshold and screening modes.

Link perimetry with fundus images from a fundus camera, OCT or SLO

Static perimetry can be linked with fundus images from cameras, OCT and SLO to define specific test locations on the retina.

Simple to use, ergonomic design

With its ergonomic, compact design, the AP-7000 offers additional comfort to patients, easy operation for the clinician and fits perfectly within the practice.

Get connected

  • Network ready with built in PC
  • Easy networking to other systems for data correlation
  • Export patient data, test results & image files to your EHR system
  • Store and print field plots with ease
  • Link to Kowa retinal camera


Stimulus presentation method Projection
Stimulus colour White, red, blue, green 
Stimulus size Goldmann I, II, III, IV, V
Maximum stimulus intensity 3,183cd/m2 (10,000 asb): white
Stimulus presentation time 0.2 sec
Stimulus presentation interval 0.6 ~3.3 sec. (automatically adjusted)

Background intensity

*Automatic light adjustment

White: 10cd/m2 (31.5asb)

Yellow: 100 cd/m2 (314.2 asb)
Examination distance 300mm
Measurements range 80°
External interface USB, Ethernet
Fixation Target

Orange LED,

Centre 1 point, auxiliary 4 point, fovea 
Eye fixation monitoring Heijl-Krakau method, eye fixation monitor, gaze monitor
Printout USB-connected printer (available separately)
Operation screen Touch panel colour LCD monitor
Data save Built-in flash memory
Operation support Oral instruction
Chin rest operation Motor-driven
Power supply

AC 100-230 V 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 200 VA 

Dimensions 730(W) x 430(D) x 700(H) mm
Weight 26kg


Screening Program Standard, Precision, Centre, Periphery, Glaucoma, V.Meridian, Centre #1, Centre #

2zone, 3zone, 4zone, Quantify scotcoma

Intensity step : 5dB / probability variable (p-value)

Quick mode is available
Supra Program

Standard, Macula, Mariotte, Optional, D-Test

Method Same intensity 2 zone
Threshold Program Centre1, Centre 2, Meridian, Macula 1, Macula 2, Periphery
Method All Threshold Quick 1, Quick 2, Super quick
Isopter Program Standard, Isopter + Screening 1, Isopter +Screening 2, Isopter + Threshold
Method Auto, manual
Custom Program

Circle Threshold, 1 point threshold, Quadrant Threshold, Optional Threshold#,

Optional thresholdo, Screening#, Screeningo
Perimetry on Fundus Perimetry combined fundus image
Fovea examination

It is available in the Threshold Centre examination

(Threshold - Centre 1, Centre 2, Isopter + Threshold)