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Kowa VX-10i ICG Fluorescein Angiography Retinal Camera (FFA / Colour / Red Free)

Combination Non-Mydriatic & Mydriatic Retinal Camera

Stero disc image capability

The VX-10i is Kowa’s combination non-mydriatic/mydriatic retinal camera that offers high quality, retinal imaging in one easy to use system.

  • Mydriatic & Non-mydriatic operation
  • Colour & FA modes
  • Optional ICG mode
  • Clear view finder & LCD alignment
  • Small pupil mode
  • 50° and 30° views
  • ICG observation using LCD

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Superior high quality retinal imaging

Kowa is the pioneer in combination non-mydriatic & mydriatic retinal cameras. The VX-10i offers non-mydriatic, mydriatic and FA modes with a 50° field of view in full mydriatic mode. The optics are mounted on a swing arm to allow photography of the peripheral retina. SP mode allows both colour and FA photography in cases of insufficient mydriasis. Colour and FA images can be aligned to the LCD monitor and are captured using the latest Nikon® digital camera back. ICG capability is possible by utilising Kowa’s 1.4 mega pixels digital CCD camera which can be easily added as an option to VX-10i.

Easy operation

Operation is simple, with controls designed for use in darkened rooms and with multiple step flash settings for correct exposure in all modes of operation.


VK-2 – High performance digital imaging software

The VK-2 digital imaging software easily captures and stores retinal photographs taken from Kowa retinal cameras well as images from other sources including a scanner. Video inputs via USB or IEEE1394 (Firewire®) are supported with 1-click switching between instruments. Images can be magnified for viewing and filters such as red free are readily available. In ICG and FA mode the patient timer is displayed on screen and multiple timers are available in FA mode for managing several patients. A montage function creates panoramic views from multiple fundus images.


Photographic Angles

Non-mydriatic mode: 45°/27°

Mydriatic mode: 50°/ 30° (SP: 45°/27°)

VX10i: 50° for ICG (option
Photographic Magnification 50° → 2.0x     30° →3.0x
Picture Size 35mm Film: Ø26mm x 22mm   Oval
Working Distance 39mm (between objective lens and cornea)
Minimum Pupil Diameter

Non-mydriatic mode: Ø4.0mm

Mydriatic mode: Ø5.5mm (SP mode: Ø4.0mm)
Focusing Luminescence Point matching method (ON/OFF switch)
Range of focus adjustment for compensation of patients refractive error

Without compensation : -12D to + 13D

Compensation – : –32D to - 10D

Compensation + : +10D to +35D
Diopter adjustment range -8D to + 5D
Working distance adjustment 2 luminous points display (ON/OFF switch)
Light source

For observation : Halogen Lamp

For photography : Xenon flash lamp
Flash compensation ±3 steps
Internal fixation target 4 fixed dots right or left eye switching (Non-Mydriatic mode)
External fixation target Red / green,  blinking
Exposure Appropriate exposure is automatically set based on the 16 steps (0.6WS to 300WS) of field angle, and film sensitivity
Filter Barrier filter, exciter filter electronic powered insertion 
Fluorescein Photography Photographic internal, 1 frame/sec, or at will
ICG Function Option for VX10i only
Data imprinting Timer & handwritten data
Monitor 5.5 inch, LC monitor
Film speed

35mm colour film: ISO 100,

Fluorescein: ISO400
Adjustment range

Forward / backward: (gross) 90mm, (micromotion) approx. 22mm

Leftward / rightward : (gross) 140mm, (micromotion) approx. 22mm

Upward / downward : 30mm

Tilting : (elevation) 15°, (depression) 8.5°

Panning : (left / right) 30° horizontally
Power supply Input : AC 100/240V 50/60Hz Power consumption : 280 VA 1500 VA (max.)
Dimensions 400(W) x 520(D) x 620(H) mm
Weight  35.5kg / 78lbs without video adapter