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Canon Xephilio OCT-R1

Optical coherence tomography

Introducing a powerful combination of a fully automated SD-OCT and unsurpassed HD resolution retinal imaging technology made by Canon.

  • One-touch operation
  • External eye auto alignment and tracking
  • Retinal auto tracking and autofocus
  • Simplified connectivity
  • Smart auto scanning

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The combination of OCT and high definition retinal camera in the Xephilio OCT-R1 makes it an ideal solution for screening and practices with high volume patients. The OCT-R1 offers a large and high-quality OCT scan up to 14.7 x 13.4 mm, with a 32.5 MP resolution and specific algorithm processes in the EOS for optimal ophthalmic imaging.

Small footprint and flexible layout

The Xephilio OCT-R1 offers the advantage of having a very small footprint and a flexible layout. It can easily fit into any room, even in smaller spaces but can also be placed in a also can be placed in a corner or against a wall, allowing for optimal use of the available space.

Excellent ergonomics

The OCT-R1 is designed with excellent ergonomics in mind. The forehead rest features a 5 degree tilt to make it more comfortable for the patient to maintain their forehead against the rest. This helps to reduce any discomfort and improve patient collaboration during the imaging process, resulting in a more efficient and successful OCT scan. The thoughtful design of the OCT-R1 is just one of the ways that Canon prioritizes patient comfort.


Retinal expert software

The Graphic User Interface (GUI) of Canon’s Retinal Expert software is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. It is optimized for touch screen operation, with generously dimensioned and clear icons that make navigation effortless.

Disc 3D

Xephilio OCT-R1 allows a comprehensive analysis of all optic disc parameters, including comparisons with an extensive normative database.

Macula 3D for glaucoma

Early detection is the key to slowing the progression of glaucoma. Xephilio OCT-R1 supports NFL + GCL + IPL and GCL + IPL measurements with a wide set of graphical representations for complete analysis.


Compare two examinations of the same eye, in same scan mode, same size of scanning area, from different dates.