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Canon CR-2 Plus AF - Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera

The Canon CR-2 Plus AF Digital Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera provides Color and Fundus Autofluorescence (FAF) imaging within a small compact design

FAF imaging will provide information on changes of the retina that can’t be made visible with standard colour photography.

  • Centralized controls and multifunctional joystick
  • Low flash photography
  • Fixation Lamp shifting presets
  • Green Spectrum
  • 2X magnification

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The camera offers fast and accurate Auto Focus, Auto switching from anterior to retinal observation and Auto shot but also the unique photometric Auto Exposure where the flash and observation light intensity is determined automatically during every examination, based on real-time measurement of retinal reflectance, for perfect images in a single capture ,regardless of pupil size or ethnicity.

The CR-2 Plus AF is equipped with a unique dedicated EOS digital camera for the highest image quality.

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Canon was the very first company to introduce a Non Myd Retinal Camera as far back as 1976 The CR-2 AF was built on that legacy, it is equipped with superb Canon optics and Canon’s own EOS digital camera technology, with its renowned image processing capabilities, has been adapted exclusively for Canon retinal cameras to offer optimal retinal imaging, for the highest image quality.

Ease of use

The compact design of the CR-2 Plus AF results in a short reaching distance and allows the operator to easily keep the patient’s eye open with one hand and permits an excellent view of the patient’s eye. The stage part has a specially shaped surface to act as grip; it provides easy handling for quick and efficient image capturing.


Widefield Imaging

Utilizing optional Mosaic software, up to 20 images can be combined into a high resolution wide field image including the peripheral retina (up to 85 degrees). The automatic fixation light guidance of the retinal camera can be of assistance in capturing the images.

In addition the unique Canon Opacity Suppression feature largely suppresses the effects of cataracts and other ocular opacities.

Digital Redfree and cobalt image

Without having the requirement to take an additional image, the RX software can create a digital red free or cobalt image from the color image. It is based on the Canon EOS retina technology and proprietary image processing - using the original RAW image of the digital camera.

The image quality is fully comparable with images obtained with optical filters.

Stereo Photography

The CR-2 Plus AF is suitable for stereo photography as well, by taking two retinal images sequentially to form a stereo pair. The capture sequence is simple with easy stereo guides that are shown on the observation monitor. Or create a stereo set manually and create a pair in the RX software.

Stereo viewing

A standard commercial optical stereo viewer can be used for reviewing. The individual images of the stereo pair can be aligned easily in the RX software to obtain maximum stereo effect.