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Non-Mydriatic Retinal Cameras

Since the launch of its first retinal camera (RC) in 1962, Kowa has been devoted to producing the most innovative optical products and integrated technology solutions in the world. None more so than the World’s first 2D & 3D Digital Retinal Camera, the nonmyd WX3D in 2010.

Today, Kowa’s extensive range of retinal cameras continue to offer incredibly high quality, high resolution imaging within a more compact, efficient, easy to use, ergonomically designed solution. Take a look below at Kowa’s non-mydriatic retinal camera range:

The nonmyd WX3D is a versatile retinal camera offering both 2D and superior stereo 3D images whilst maintaining Kowa’s values of high quality imaging and ease of use.

The nonmyd 7 is a non-mydriatic, easy to use retinal camera for enhanced imaging.

The nonmyd α-DIII is a compact non-mydriatic retinal camera with built-in 8 megapixel imaging sensor that combines advanced technology with modern design.