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Canon CR-10 digital retinal camera

Introducing effortless retinal imaging

The CR-10 is the perfect solution for any space, offering a compact design that can easily fit in a corner or against a wall.

  • Small footprint and flexible layout
  • Auto focus with next generation technology
  • Effortless examination with one-touch operation
  • External eye auto alignment and tracking
  • Photometric auto exposure

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Get ready to take your retinal imaging to the next level with our full Auto Non-Mydriatic Retinal camera. Equipped with Canon high-resolution imaging technology, a fast and efficient image acquisition system, and a compact, user-friendly design, this camera is the ultimate retinal imaging solution for eye care professionals.

32.5 MP Purpose-built digital EOS camera

Canon is a well-known leading camera manufacturer that has created a unique digital camera called the EOS Retina, which is specifically designed for ophthalmic photography. This camera is integrated with a DIGIC image processor that uses dedicated algorithms to provide optimal image parameters for retinal imaging. As a result, the EOS Retina delivers the best possible retinal image with accurate representation of true colors.

In the CR-10, this camera is now part of the optical system, which further enhances the quality of the retinal images captured. Canon EOS Retina advanced technology being integrated into the latest CR-10 to improve eye care diagnostic capabilities and patient outcomes.

Auto focus with next generation technology

Our innovative auto focus technology represents the next generation of focusing capabilities. With lightning fast speed and unparalleled accuracy, it can easily and efficiently focus, even on small pupils. Say goodbye to blurry retinal images and hello to crystal clear clarity with our CR-10 auto focus solution.

Audio guidance

The CR-10 offers audio guidance to help guide the patient through the entire examination process, starting from the initial alignment until the retinal image is captured. The optional feature of audio guidance ensures a smooth workflow and helps both the patient and the operator navigate through the procedure with ease. Furthermore, the device supports multiple languages, allowing for easy communication and usability with patients from different linguistic backgrounds. This versatility makes the CR-10 a highly suitable choice for various eye care clinical settings.


Simplified connectivity

Say goodbye to complicated setups and multiple cables. The CR-10 offers a hassle-free connection experience with its USB-C cable. With just one cable, you can easily connect the CR-10 to your PC, simplifying both PC requirements and installation. Enjoy a streamlined and efficient workflow with our simplified connectivity solution.

Retinal expert software

The Graphic User Interface (GUI) of Canon’s RX software is designed to be very intuitive and user-friendly. It is optimized for touch screen operation, with generously dimensioned and clear icons that make navigation effortless.

Single eye

Offers various ways to display multiple images of the same examination. With the Color/RGB button, the color image also can be displayed in separate RGB channels.


Compare result with a previous study. With the overlay functions, changes of the retina can be observed more clearly.


Select up to five previous studies to observe progression over time.