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Kowa VX-20 Fluorescein Angiography Retinal Camera (FFA / Colour / Red Free & Autofluorescence)

Combination Non-Mydriatic & Mydriatic Retinal Camera

Stero disc image capability

The VX-20 is Kowa’s unique, hybrid combination retinal camera that offers versatile, high quality, retinal imaging in one easy to use system. Due to its outstanding features, the VX-20 remains the first choice for clinicians.

  • 7 in 1 Hybrid retinal imaging system (FAF, FA, RF, Colour, Non-Mydriatic, Auto Mosaic and Anterior picture)
  • Supports diagnosis of ARMD
  • Dual magnification split (50° & 30° views)
  • Complete pan and tilt capability
  • Simple, easy to use with built-in PC
  • Ergonomic design
  • Seamless network connections
  • Direct print capability

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Superior high quality retinal imaging

VX-20 offers non-mydriatic with 45° and 27°, mydriatic and FA modes with 50° and 30° views. Additionally the VX-20 has an autofluorescence mode to provide further diagnostic investigation of the health of the retina such as AMD. Linked to VK-2 software the VX-20 provides outstanding options for fundus image analysis.

Saves space with modern, compact design

With a built in PC and high resolution camera back, this fundus camera is a versatile diagnostic tool with stand-alone capability. The VX-20 fits perfectly within the clinical environment with its single footprint, compact design.

Easy operation

The VX-20 offers enhanced functionality at the touch of a button allowing the clinician to easily switch between myd & non-myd modes. It includes a 7 inch wide, LCD colour touch screen that is simple to use and is ideally positioned to ensure easy patient observation. What’s more, the control panel has been designed in order to improve the operator experience, ensuring everything is at easy reach for the clinician.


VK-2 – High performance digital imaging software

The VK-2 digital imaging software easily captures and stores retinal photographs taken from Kowa retinal cameras well as images from other sources including a scanner. Video inputs via USB are supported with 1-click switching between instruments. Images can be magnified for viewing and filters such as red free are readily available. In FA mode the patient timer is displayed on screen and multiple timers are also available for managing several patients. A montage function creates panoramic views from multiple fundus images


Photography Modes Non-mydriatic colour/ Mydraitic color/ Fluorescein fundus angiography (FA)/Red Free (RF)/ Fundus Autofluorescence (FAF)
Field of View

Non-mydriatic mode: 45°/27°

Mydriatic mode: 50°/ 30° (SP: 45°/27°)
Working Distance 39mm (Between the examined eye and the object lens)
Minimum Pupil Diameter

Non-mydriatic mode: Ø4.0mm (SP mode: Ø3.5mm)

Mydriatic mode: Ø5.5mm (SP 1 mode: Ø4.0mm, SP2 mode: Ø3.5mm)
Focusing Split luminous bars coincidence
Range of focus adjustment for compensation of patients refractive error

Without compensation : -12D to + 13D

Compensation – : –32D to - 10D

Compensation + : +10D to +35D
Range of diopter adjustment of the optical finder -8D to + 5D
Working distance adjustment Luminous dot indication (ON / OFF switchable)
Light source For observation : Halogen Lamp For photography : Xenon flash lamp
Flash compensation ±5 steps
Internal fixation light Central / disc / macular / peripheral
External fixation light Red / green LED
Exposure Appropriate exposure is automatically set based on the 37-steps (0.6WS to 300WS) of field angle, filter, and photography mode
Camera Higher than 12 megapixel CMOS sensor
Monitor 7 inch wide-screen touch LCD
Adjustment range

Forward / backward: (gross) 90mm, (micromotion) approx. 17.5mm

Leftward / rightward : (gross) 140mm, (micromotion) approx. 17.5mm

Upward / downward : 30mm

Tilting : (elevation) 11°, (depression) 15°

Panning : (left / right) 30° horizontally
Recording medium CF memory card

USB : VK-2 connection, Printer connection, Card reader connection

LAN : Image output
Power saving function Input : AC 120/230V 50/60Hz Power consumption : 250 VA 1500 VA (max.)
Dimensions 390(W) x 540(D) x 720(H) mmc
Weight  39kg / 86lbs