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Kowa VK-2 Ophthalmic Imaging Software

High Performance digital imaging software

The VK-2 digital imaging software easily captures and stores retinal photographs taken from Kowa retinal cameras as well as images from other sources including a scanner.

  • Store, view and compare images
  • Multiple inputs
  • Supports the latest high resolution cameras
  • Edit images with magnification and filters
  • E-mail images direct from the software
  • Archive facility
  • Quick and easy networking
  • Multiple timer
  • For FA Stereo assistant (simply guide to support stereo image capture)
  • Mosaic function
  • Movie maker function

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Simple image management at your fingertips

The VK-2 digital imaging software easily captures and stores retinal photographs taken from Kowa retinal cameras well as images from other sources including a scanner. Video inputs via USB or IEEE1394 (Firewire®) are supported with 1-click switching between instruments. Images can be magnified for viewing and filters such as red free are readily available. In ICG and FA mode the patient timer is displayed on screen and multiple timers are available in FA mode for managing several patients. When used in combination with the Kowa perimeter the software allows integrated management of fundus images and perimetry results. A montage function creates panoramic views from multiple fundus images. The movie maker function allows you to assess whether the patient eye is changing over time by simply selecting 3 images from previous tests and play as a looped movie. Whilst the unique detailed database viewer enables you to customise the header and footer of your report to include your clinic details.


VK-2 Software Applications

Image Input Y/C , VBS, Composite, USB
Image processing 

Basic processing with one click (sharpen image, gamma process, enhance image, contrast, brightness, analysis with RGB filter, negative image, flip image, zoom, measure length, measure cup disc rate, measure angle, loop, undo, original, reference (template) image.

Multiple images

Open and add additional image file formats JPEG, BMP to VK-2 database
Variable mode sets

Variable mode set from the Trigger Input

ICG, FA mode 1 second B/W capture with timer on the display linked to Kowa Fundus Camera
Supported cameras

3 CCD RGB colour camera

Specific Nikon digital SLR camera

Kowa digital colour camera KD-211C/KD-630C (capture speed approximately 1 second)

Kowa digital B/W camera KD-144i
Variable archive methods

Store the image after image processing

Support archive (CD-R, DVD –RAM and removable hard disk), easy archiving

Direct copying of images to external disk drives
Easy operations 

Direct start up

Direct image print out

Support for Twain32 Image scanner

Hardware system requirements

CPU Pentium2III 800MHz or higher (Celeron 1GHz or higher required to run system)
Memory 512 Mbytes of RAM required for digital camera (KD-211C, KD-630C, (Capture speed approximately 1 second), Sony DXC series, Nikon digital SLR camera)
Disk 2 Hard disks (C: drive for system, : drive for data (image & database)) (Separate system and data drives to ensure image security in the event of catastrophic operating system failure)
Video card XGA card, more than 4Mbytes memory (1024x768, 24 or 32 bit)
Power supply 250W (300W or higher required for digital camera capturing)
USB port One USB port indispensable to VK-2 system
Fan 12V/0.1A or higher required for digital camera capturing
Monitor 17 inch flat screen monitor
Archive drive E-IDE type CD-R drive (supported by Adaptec Direct CD) or DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW drive, removable hard disk
OS Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows 7®, Windows 8®, Windows 10®
Open P.C.I bus slot for:  Video capture board x 1, digital capture board for KD-211C (or KD-630C)X2, IEEE 1394 for KD-144i x 1